LOBI General Rules

Info & Directions

LOBI wishes to make everyone aware that the Sabine River Authority shall man a phone line, 1-800-259-5253, with a listing of any lodging vacancies in the area.

The immediate shoreline adjacent to the weigh-in site will accommodate approximately 100 boats should participants want to beach their boats to weigh-in. After weighing-in, please clear the area for incoming fishermen and clear the shoreline for the second weigh-in.


On site parking shall be regulated by the Sabine Parish Sheriff's department and Tournament personnel. Be aware that parking space is limited, once you have parked in an area, plan to remain until the day's activities are concluded.

Tournament officials shall be at the Cypress Bend Park Site 11, February 23rd and 24th, preparing the grounds. You are welcome to come view the park and become familiar with the surroundings.

We are guests of the Sabine River Authority, be courteous of the surroundings.

We wish to thank all of the park personnel, the Sabine River Authority and the Sabine River Authority Directors.

We welcome Cajun Outboards and Skeeter Boats as our Tournament "Fully Rigged" boats sponsors. We encourage everyone to please support the Toledo Bend area merchants. Please help us give recognition to these fine sponsors and to all the Toledo Bend area merchants who helped sponsor our tournament.