April 3rd & 4th

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Louisiana Oilmen's Bass Invitational Order Form

Team Entry Fee - $400.00

The Louisiana Oilmen's Bass Invitational tournament will be held
April 3rd and 4th, 2020 on Toledo Bend Reservoir Cypress Bend - SRA Park Site 11.
Entry fees are $400.00 per team.

The LOBI Short Sleeve Shirt will include the tournament logo. Each Shirt costs $45.00.

The LOBI Tournament 1/4 Fleece Pullover will include the tournament logo. Each Pullover costs $50.00.

The LOBI Lined Tournament Jacket will include the tournament logo. Each Jacket costs $65.00.

Please select the appropriate number and sizes of shirts, pullovers and jackets below:

Team Info

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so that all merchandise can be distributed at the tournament:
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Tournament Short Sleeve Shirt

  Quantity Description Price  
  Small Short Sleeve Shirt $45.00  
  Medium Short Sleeve Shirt $45.00  
  Large Short Sleeve Shirt $45.00  
  XLarge Short Sleeve Shirt $45.00  
  XXLarge Short Sleeve Shirt $45.00  

Tournament 1/4 Fleece Pullover

  Quantity Description Price  
  Small 1/4 Fleece Pullover $50.00  
  Medium 1/4 Fleece Pullover $50.00  
  Large 1/4 Fleece Pullover $50.00  
  XLarge 1/4 Fleece Pullover $50.00  
  XXLarge 1/4 Fleece Pullover $50.00  

Lined Tournament Jacket

  Quantity Description Price  
  Small Lined Tournament Jacket $65.00  
  Medium Lined Tournament Jacket $65.00  
  Large Lined Tournament Jacket $65.00  
  XLarge Lined Tournament Jacket $65.00  
  XXLarge Lined Tournament Jacket $65.00  

Door Prize Donations

If you would like to donate Gift Cards as door prizes for the tournament,
please indicate below the number of cards you wish to donate:
  Quantity Description Price  
  Donation $50.00  
The LOBI Board of Directors would like to thank you for participating in this year's tournament!
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Email: lobibass18@gmail.com